funny-manpages di Ubuntu

Ada seseorang mem-posting email di salah satu milist mengenai funny-manpages, yg katanya bs bikin ketawa ngakak terutama utk admin yg memang lg stress ngadepin pinguin-pinguin yg susah diatur,  yup!.. lumayan penasaran akhirnya Saya coba install funny-manpages ini.

Wakwakwak!! …sekali lagi, ternyata memang kocak abis, bisa-bisanya nih orang membuat sesuatu yg sebenarnya just joking semata (opensource gitu loh!). Kadang-kadang Linuxer utk mengetahui/mengingat perintah yg bejibun di box-nya  manpages ini jadi sasaran awal utk mencari tahu selain –help, tapi utk manpages yg ini beneran cuma iseng … bikin stress langsung kabur! 🙂

Tetapi utk mengetahui itu semua kita harus terlebih dahulu install ‘funny-manpages’ ini, bisa melalui Synaptic Packages Manager atau langsung dari console/terminal, karena nantinya juga utk melihat manpages gila ini hrs dari console/terminal.

Install dari console/terminal

sudo apt-get install funny-manpages

… nah setelah itu silahkan cek output apa yg dihasilkan apabila kita coba manpages ini menggunakan perintah ‘man’

ini contoh salah satunya… code :
man sex

output :
sex — have sex
sex [options] ... [username] ...
sex allows the invoker to have sex with the user(s) specified in the command line. If no users are specified, they are taken from the LOVERS environment vari‐
able. Options to make things more interesting are as follows:
-1 masturbate
-a external stimulus (aphrodisiac) option
-b buggery
-B animal
bestiality with animal
-c chocolate sauce option
-C chaining option (cuffs included) (see also -m -s -W)
-d file
get a date with the features described in file
-e exhibitionism (image sent to all machines on the net)
-f foreplay option
-F nasal sex with plants
-i coitus interruptus (messy!)
-j jacuzzi option (California sites only)
-l leather option
-m masochism (see -s)
-M triple parallel (Menage a Trois) option
-n necrophilia (if target process is not dead, program kills it)
-o oral option
-O parallel access (orgy)
-p debug option (proposition only)
-P pedophilia (must specify a child process)
-q quickie (wham, bam, thank you, ma’am)
-s sadism (target must set -m)
-S sundae option
-v voyeurism (surveys the entire net)
-w whipped cream option
-W whips (see also -s, -C, and -m)
LOVERS is a list of default partners which will be used if none are specified in the command line. If any are specified, the values in LOVERS is ignored.
animals for bestiality
possible dates
sundae recipes
sado-masochistic equipment
^C (quit process) may leave the user very unsatisfied.
^Z (stop process) is usually quite messy.
Oldest program ever.

atau yg lucu lagi … code :
man baby

output :
baby — create new process from two parents
baby -sex [m|f] [-name name]
baby is initiated when one parent process polls another server process through a socket connection in the BSD version or through pipes in the System V implemen‐
tation. baby runs at low priority for approximately forty weeks and then terminates with a heavy system load. Most systems require constant monitoring when
baby reaches its final stages of execution.
Older implementations of baby did not require both initiating processes to be present at the time of completion. In those versions the initiating process which
was not present was awakened and notified of the results upon completion. It has since been determined that the presence of both parent processes result in a
generally lower system load at completion, and thus current versions of baby expect both parent processes to be active during the final stages.
Successful completion of baby results in the creation and naming of a new process. Parent processes then broadcast messages to all other processes, local and
remote, informing them of their new status.
-sex define the gender of the created process
-name assign the name name to the new process
baby -sex f -name Jacqueline
completed successfully on July 9, 1992 at 9:11pm. Jacqueline’s vital statistics: 8 pounds 3 oz, 20 inches, long dark hair. The parent process, Kim Dunbar, is
reportedly doing fine.
cigar(6), dump(5), cry(3).
Despite its complexity, baby only knows one signal, SIGCHLD, (or SIGCLD in the System V implementation), which it uses to contact the parent processes. One or
both parent processes must then inspect the baby process to determine the cause of the signal.
The sleep(1) command may not work as expected on either parent process for some time afterward, as each new instance of baby sends intermittent signals to the
parent processes which must be handled by the parents immediately.
A baby process will frequently dump core, requiring either or both parent processes to clean up after it.
Despite the reams of available documentation on invoking and maintaining baby, most parent processes are overwhelmed.

Selain dari dua manpages yg diatas ada juga beberapa lagi, sayangnya Saya gak bs posting disini, silahkan dicoba sendiri … 🙂

manpages gila yg lain (ingat!, diawali dengan man) :
celibacy, condom, flame, flog, party, rescrog, rtfm, tm & uubp.

A set of miscellaneous humorous manpages (don’t take them too seriously!).
Includes, amongst others, rtfm (1).
Warning! Some of these manpages might be treated offensive.
You’ve been warned.



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